Poems for Children

Personal poems for kids.

U poems- for names beginning with U (or U sound) 


For Girls*:     Ursula... 

For Boys*:   Ewan, Euan ...



Ursula is always early

her face is clean,

her teeth are pearly.

Her clothes are neat,

her hair is curled.

Ursula is an earnest girl.



Ewan has a unicorn

Its coat is white as snow

It usually goes with Ewan

Everwhere he goes.



poems- general poems for names beginning with V


For Girls*:     Vashti, Veronica, Vicky, Victoria, Violet ...  

For Boys*:   Vance, Victor, Vince, Vincent ...



Vincent’s Vacuum Cleaner

Vincent had a vacuum cleaner

Which was very new;

He vacuumed the verandah

And the velvet curtains, too.

He vacuumed the venetians

And the vases in the hall

And he vacuumed all the visitors

When they came to call!




Vanessa’s very visible in her violet velvet vest;

From Vermont through Victoria,

Vanessa’s vest’s the best.




Vince is very visible in his violet velvet vest;

From Vermont to Virginia,

Vince’s velvet vest’s the best.




Victoria visits Venture

To buy a vase of violets..

And vitamins.. and vegetables..

Victoria will buy a lot!


  Note- in this poem, if you use a shorter name, change the last line to , e.g.,  “Vicky always buys a lot!”or “But Vincent doesn’t buy a lot!” 

*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she, etc too!


poems- general poems for names beginning with W


For Girls*:     Wanda, Wendy, Wilma ... 


For Boys*:   Wally, Walter, Wesley, Will, William   ...



William wonders whether

We will wear our warm wool sweaters

When it’s windy winter weather



W - poems for specific names beginning with W



Will and Jill went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water.

Jill said to Will:

“We have to fill

it up, and never spill!”


illustrated by Will, 6 yrs



Will had a chill.

He was feeling ill

So he took a pill

But he still feels chill!

                                                            llustrated by Will, 6 years

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