Poems for Children

Personal poems for kids.

S  poems- general poems for names beginning with S sound


For Girls*:     Sally, Samantha, Sarah, Sienna, Sophie, Sophia, Stacey, Stephanie, Susan, Suzanne, Suzanna... 

For Boys*:   Sam, Samuel, Scott, Seth, Simon, Spencer,  Stephen/Steven ...

These poems can also be used for names beginning with a "soft C" such as  Celia Cindy, Cyril...

For names with a “Sh” sound, such as Sean, see the Sh poems below.




Sarah squeezed her sausage

At the Sunday sausage sizzle

She slopped the sauce all over her skirt,

And the sausage started to grizzle!

                                                                                                   Illustrated by Sarah, 4 yrs                               C.Parke



Simon had a  sausage

At the Sunday sausage sizzle

The sausage was hot

But the weather was not -

All it did all day was drizzle!




Sophie seldom skis, 

But she sat on someone's soap;

and now she's sitting sideways

sliding down a slippery slope!

 illustrated by Sophie,  Grade 2                                         C.Parke


*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she, etc too! 


S poems-  for specific names beginning with S


Sam / Sam


Sam likes lamb

And sausages and ham

But always, when he eats meat,

He spreads it all with jam!




When Scott was a tot

He slept in a cot

With a blanket with lots of spots and dots.

He lived on a yacht

But the yacht did not

Have a lot of pots,

    So what Scott got to eat was not very hot!

Illustrated by Scott, 4 yrs                                                 C. Parke




When Steven was leavin’ his house one day,

A great big monster stood in his way.

Steven said: ”Even

If you stand there all day,

I'll still take no notice,  

So you might as well GO AWAY!”

                                                             C.Parke                                              Illustrated by Stephen, 3 yrs  



Sh  poems- general poems for names beginning with Sh sound


For Girls*:     Shareena, Sharna, Sharon  Shelley,  Sherry, Sheryl ... 

For Boys*:   Sean,  Shane,  Shaun, Shawn... 

Note- underlined names have their own specific poems in the box lower down.

These poems can also be used for other names with a “Sh” sound, such as Sean, Chantelle, Charlotte, Cheryl, Cherie (also see Ch poems below)



Sharon should shear

Shy shifty sheep

By soothing them with shampoo

 To shave them in their sleep!




Shaun’s shirt is much too short;

Shaun’s teacher says until

Shaun puts a sweatshirt on,

Shaun’s sure to catch a chill. 


*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like "her", "she", etc, too!

Poems for names beginning with Ch (sh sound) 


Charlotte, Cheryl, Cherie etc


Chantelle, in her chateau,

is oh, so chic, my dears,

with her chauffeur

and her champagne

and her crystal chandeliers. 


Illustrated by Chantelle, 12 years




Charlotte's shop is super chic:

she sells champagne and sheep;

she shaves the sheep with shiny shears

and sings them all to sleep.



Illlustrated by Charlotte, 6 years

Sh poems-  for specific names beginning with Sh




gave a banana

to the piranha

so it wouldn't eat Sharna. 


Illustrated by Sharna, Grade 3

  Shareena/  Sheena


Have you seen a

girl called Sheena

                    dancing like a ballerina?



Has seen a


Named Tina



Is always keener

On where the grass is greener!





Saw an ad on telly

For frozen melon jelly.

But Shelley said, “That’s silly!

That jelly is too chilly!”




Shy Sheryl

Sang some carols

But she sang them in a barrel

So nobody heard Sheryl.






Went on a plane

All the way to Spain

But it started to rain

And Shane got a pain,

So next time

He’s going by train!. 



Sean/  Shaun/ Shawn 



Sat on the lawn

Eating buttered corn

And raw pink prawn. 




When Sean was just born

He sat on the lawn

Eating prawns

And buttered corn. 

 Illustrated by Sean, 4 yrs                                   C.Parke



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