Poems for Children

Personal poems for kids.

P poems-  general poems for names beginning with P sound 


For Girls*:      Paige, Pat,  Pamela,  Parker, Paris, Penny, Peta, Petra, Poppy, Prudence ... 

For Boys*:  Pablo, Pat, Parker, Paul, Peter ...


Underlined  names have their own poem in the box lower down. 

For names beginning with Ph (Phyllis, Philip etc), see F, Ph poems page


Petra paints a pretty picture,

Puts it on the wall;

Pins it up with purple pins

- and prays it doesn’t fall.


*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like "her", "she", etc, too! 


P poems-  for specific names beginning with P


 Parker  (Parker) 





Parker took a walk

in the park, in the dark.

He thought it would be

A bit of a lark;

But he fell down

And hurt his head,

And had to go

Straight home to bed.


Pat / Pat 





Pat’s Cat

caught a rat

he ate it, and

got very fat





Isn’t very tall 

So he stands on the wall

But I hope he doesn’t fall -

That’s all! 




Paul sat on a big tall wall 

I hope he doesn’t fall at all!  






Penny went to Denny’s

with her Nanny.

They wanted toast and honey

But Denny’s hadn’t any.






Peter, Peter,

Pumpkin Eater

Put his pudding in the beater

Cooked it up

Upon the heater

Passed it to

His playmate, Rita.



Q poems-  general poems for names beginning with Q


For Girls*:     Queenie, Quinn ... 

For Boys*:   Quentin, Quincy, Quinn ... 

Underlined  names have their own poem in the box lower down. 



Quentin's quiet as a mouse

As he tiptoes through the house




Queenie caught a quail,

But the quail began to quack;

Queenie said, “Oh, dear,

This quail’s quite queer”,

And quickly put it back.



Q poems-  for specific names beginning with Q



                                             Queenie has a teeny weeny beanie.                                               



Quinn kept a quail

In a queer little tin

But when Quinn opened up the lid

It pecked him on the chin.


R poems-  general poems for names beginning with R


For Girls*:      R  Rachel, Rebecca, Rena, Renae, Rhea, Rhiannon, Robyn, Rose, Ruth... 

For Boys*:   R   Ray, Riley, Robert, Roland, Ross, Ryan ...

Note- underlined names have their own specific poems in the box lower down.



Rachel runs really fast

She’s often first

And never last!




Riley really loves to run

He runs so very fast

That when he races anyone

He’s hardly ever last.




Robert had a rabbit;

The rabbit liked to run.

Robert raced the rabbit,

But the rabbit





Rhiannon had raw radishes

In a restaurant for tea;

She took a ride in a rowing-boat

And rowed it down to the sea.



*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she, etc too!


R poems-  for specific names beginning with R


Rae/ Renae/ Ray


Ray may play with Renae today

They will play with clay

And they’ll stay all day

If that’s OK.





Has a little brother, Ryan,

Who’s a wrecker!




Had a ride on a red






Have you seen a

girl called Rena

dancing like a ballerina?



Has seen a


Named Nina



Is always keener

On where the grass is greener!



Reta/ Rita


Rita and the Cheetahs

Rita and three cheetahs

Raced 300 metres;

The cheetahs tried to cheat her,

But Rita beat the cheetahs.





Flew to Poland;

But when he left the plane,

He thought he was in Holland

So he went back home again!





Rose always knows

When someone stumbles on her toes.

"It always hurts so much," says Rose,

"But I suppose that's how it goes!"


Illustrated by Hannah-Rose, Grade 2                                                  C.Parke 



Ruth’s Tooth

Ruth’s tooth was very loose.

She said: “Strewth!

My loose tooth hurts,

And that’s the truth!”




Ryan and the Lion

Ryan met a lion

When he went to the zoo

“Ryan” said the lion,

“I’d like to EAT you!”

“NO!” said Ryan, “You must stay in your cage!”

And that put the lion in a TERRIBLE rage!    



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