Poems for Children

Personal poems for kids.

L poems - general poems for names beginning with L


For Girls*:    Lana, Laura, Leila, Linda, Lisa, Lola, Linda, Lynda Lynita ... 

For Boys*:  Len, Lee, Leigh, Lyndon  ...

Note- underlined names have their own specific poems in the box lower down.



Lisa loves to listen

To a lovely lullaby;

Late at night she lowers her light

And lets it lull her sleepy eyes.




Lovely Layla looks like a lily,

but she says I shouldn't say that,

because it sounds silly.




Lauren had a little lamb

The lamb was light and slow

And everywhere that Lauren led

That lamb was slow to go.


*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she, etc too!  


L poems -  poems for specific names beginning with L




Laura saw a girl called Nora

dressed up in a tub of Flora.

"I can't spread her on my bread"

said Laura,

"so I'll just ignore her".




Leanne ran to see her Nan:

"Leanne" said her nan,

"You've got a good tan!"





Lee's Peas

Lee grew some peas

On a green pea tree;

He gave three to me

And we ate them up for tea.




Leigh saw a bee;

It landed on his knee.

"Oh, gee!" said Leigh,

"I hope that bee

Doesn't eat me for tea."

                 Illustrated by Leigh, 6 years                                                                                                    C.Parke



Lily isn't silly,

though she thought her Auntie Milly

was really

Uncle Billy.





Lucilla met a gorilla

Shopping at the shops;

The gorilla showed Lucilla

that he'd bought some lamb chops.

"Oh, lovely!" said Lucilla

   I'll cook those chops for tea;

I'll grill them on the griller

                                                             For Grandma, you and me.




Lynita sat beside the heater

mixing a cake with her granny's beater.

She put in sugar to make it sweeter

and cooked it up upon the heater.




Linda loves kinder

She likes to play and sing;

She also loves to paint and paste

And almost everything!




M poems- general poems for names beginning with M


For Girls*:     Madge, Maree, May, Meg, Melanie, Melinda, Melissa,Michelle, Milly, Minka, Moira ... 

For Boys*:  Macaulay, Malcom, Mark, Marshall/Mahcial, Matthew, Michael, Mitchell ...

Note- underlined names have their own specific poems in the box lower down.




Michael has a magic mop:

whenever anybody slops

Michael's mop mops every drop!




Matthew had a magic mat:

It made merry music when anyone sat

In the middle of Matthew's mat. 




Macaulay's Motorbike

Macaulay had a motorbike

But it broke one day

So Macaulay mended it,

And then he rode away. 

    Illustrated by Macaulay, 6 years                                                                                C.Parke


*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she, etc too!


M poems-  for specific names beginning with M

For Girls*:      Maree, May, Meg, Melinda, Michelle, Minka,  

Maree/Marie, Monique 


Maree climbed up a tree

But she really couldn't see

And she fell down on a bee

Which stung her on her knee.





May may play with Kay today;

They will play with clay

and will stay all day.





Meg ate an egg

Standing on one leg.




Melinda loves kinder

she likes to dance and sing.

She also loves to paint and paste-

and almost everything!





Michelle has shells

and lots of bells.

She sometimes sells

her shells and bells.





Minka had a drink

Of minty malted milk.

Minka said, “I think

That my drink should be pink!”

-but it was blue as ink.




Monique speaks Greek

She’s super smart, you see:

“Souvlaki, moussaka”...

It’s all Greek to me!


Illustrated by Monique, 6 years


For Boys:  

Mark, Marshall/Mahcial, Mitchell


Mark took a walk

in the park, in the dark.

He thought it would be

A bit of a lark;

But he fell down

And hurt his head,

And had to go

Straight home to bed.





Mahcial had a marching band

He was a marvellous master

When they marched

Through Marble Arch

He made them march much faster.




Mitchell wonders which witch’ll

Put a spell on Mitchell


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