Poems for Children

Personal poems for kids.

poems-  general poems for names beginning with a J sound


For Girls*:      Jacqueline, Janelle, Jane, Janet, Jasmine, Jemma, Jennifer, Jenny, Jessica, Joanna, Josie, Julie, Julianne, June ...                      

For Boys*:  Jack, Jackson, James, Jared, Jason, Jeremy, Jesse, Jim, Jimmy, Joe, John, Joseph, Josh, Joshua, Justin, ...

                        "Soft G" names-  George, Geoffrey...**

 Note- these poems can also be used for "soft G" names such as Gemma, Gina, George, Gerald etc

Underlined  names have their own poem in the box lower down.   


J_, soft G_


Jessica's Jersey Cow

Jessica has a jersey cow

who juggles jugs of coke.

She's a jolly jersey cow,

just juggling for a joke. 








Jack's Toys

Jack has a junk box jammed full of toys

He just shares them with gentle boys

There's a jack-in-the-box

And jumbo blocks

And a jet that makes a gigantic noise. 






Jonathan's Travels

Jonathan went to Germany

from June until July.

He travelled in a jumbo jet,

though he generally doesn't fly.  






Jimmy jumps very high

he jumps up nearly to the sky!  





Jumping John

John jumps like a jack-in-the-box,

with his jazzy black jeans

and his new gym socks.

In his jumper and jacket

he jives and he rocks

to the joyful jazz on his junior juke box. 





Justin loves juniper juice

and Judy loves jam;

John loves jelly beans

but George hates ham! 



J_ /G_


Gemma generally likes to eat

 Jaffas and jelly and all kinds of meat;

with a big jug of juice

and a whole jar of jam,

she eats ginger jelly beans out of a can.  





Jamahl jumps with Jeffrey

and Jeffrey jumps with John;

they all fell in the mud

with their jackets on.  




 *Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she, etc too!

J poems-  poems for specific names beginning with a J sound





                              Went on a plane

All the way to Spain

But it started to rain

And Jane got a pain,

So next time

                                    She’s going by train!




Janelle has shells

and lots of bells.

She sometimes sells

her shells and bells.   




Jamie came to see a game

but all the players looked the same.

What a shame. 






mixed a pudding in the basin.

He put in strawberries, sultanas and cherries...

and then he put a shoelace in!  

                                                                                        Illustration by Jason, 4 yrs                                                                                          C.Parke




Jenny went to Denny’s

with her Nanny.

They wanted toast and honey

But Denny’s hadn’t any. 






Joanna's Manners

Joanna's Nanna has very nice manners;

Joanna has them, too:

she always says "Thank you",  "Please",

"Pardon?"  and  "How do you do?"   

                                                  C.Parke                                                Illustration by Joanna, 4 years



"Oh, no!" said Joe

"a big hippo

just squashed my toe;

it makes me go

awfully slow -

although I know

my toe will grow".   




Josh went

to have a wash

but the water sploshed

on the floor.

"O,Gosh", said Josh,

"Oh Tiddley-Tosh!

I'd better not splosh

any more!"  





saw a man

Standing in a frying pan.


Ran to her Nan,

And said, “Nan,

That's a funny man!” 




K poems- general poems for names beginning with K

For Girls*:     Kate, Katie, Katherine, Kelly, Kim, Kira, Kirsty, Kristen ... 

For Boys*:  Ken, Kyle ...

Also see C poems!

Note- underlined names have their own specific poems in the box lower down.



Katie had a cat

The cat caught a rat

He ate it, and got fat!




Kim is kind to kittens

and to koalas, too;

she keeps some in her kitchen

with her kangaroo. 



*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she, etc, too!


K poems-  for specific names beginning with K




went to a fete

but she mixed up the date

and was nearly too late

 to get through the gate,

but she bought a plate

Illustration by Joanna, 4 years                      and an old roller skate,

                                                       so she thought it was great

                                                                      at the fete.                          





saw an ad on telly

for frozen melon jelly;

but Kelly said: "That's silly,

that jelly is too chilly". 


Kelli-Anne - see Julianne                                     



When Ken went to see the dentist with Ben,

She said: “Ken,

Come again

On Wednesday at 10".





Kirsty's cat was thirsty

so she gave him a drink

on the sink

and he drank

and said:"Thanks!"



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