Poems for Children

Personal poems for kids.

                                    Extra Poems

This page is for poems that have been written with or by particular children, or "general" poems that can be used for a variety of names.

   Poems written by or with children:


Recommended sites

Here are some good children's poems sites I've found or been told about:

www.poetry4kids.com/  - an excellent site with wonderful, humorous poems by Kenn Nesbitt.... and also games and a very good rhyming dictionary to help you write your own poems!

www.shelsilverstein.com/ - very funny poems- click on Shel's book titles for some sample poems with animations, or download activities to print.

http://www.funny-poems.co.uk/ - a good collection of original funny poems - plus tips on writing funny poems, links to other good sites... and cute sheep cartoon pictures.

www.poetryarchive.org/childrensarchive/home.do -archive of poems, searchable by theme, title, poet; also audio files, author info

www.gardenofsong.com/kidzpage/ - good collection of poems - classics, Ogden Nash, poems from schools

www.gigglepoetry.com/  -hundreds of poems for kids; also "Learn how to write nursery rhymes, limericks, list poems, and more!"