Poems for Children

Personal poems for kids.

D poems - for names beginning with D

For Girls*:      Dana, Delia.. 

For Boys*:   Dan, Daniel, Damien, David ...

Note- underlined names have their own specific poems in the box lower down. 



Damien doesn’t have a dog,

But if he did

He’d call it Nog 




Dana's Drawing

Did Dana do this drawing?

Yes, she’s done a donkey.

She’s also done a duck,

And a dear little monkey. 





David does the dishes

with his daddy every day.

David dries the dishes

and his dad puts them away.





D poems - for specific names beginning with D  



Daniel's Spaniel

Daniel had a spaniel

The spaniel came from Spain.

He dropped it down the plughole

And it vanished down the drain.




*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she etc too


E poems - for names beginning with E


For Girls*:      Eliza, Elizabeth, Eloise, Elsa, Emily... 

For Boys*:   Edward,  Edwin, Evan... Ethan 


                         (for Ewan, see U poems)



Edwin's Eggs.

Edwin eats an egg

Every day at eleven;

He adores eating eggs

And each week he has seven




Emily’s Elephant

Emily’s elephant was getting extra fat

So he exercised every day

He made such an effort, he lost eleven kilos

- He almost faded away!

illustrated by Emily, 6yrs                                                          C.Parke



Elizabeth’s Elephants

Elizabeth had eleven illiterate elephants.

She taught them how to read and write

And also how to spell “offence”.




Erin's Earrings

Erin has earrings

Of emeralds and gold

She says they help her hearing,

So she does just what she’s told!





Ethan eagerly eats and eats

Egyptian eggs for Easter treats

Each Easter he eats even more

It’s a wonder he easily fits through the door!






Is always early

Face clean,

Teeth pearly.

Always neat,

What a joy!

He is a very earnest boy.   




E poems - for specific names beginning with E  




Eloise  has Chinese bees;


she keeps them in between her trees.

The bees make easy greasy cheese

And the breeze makes Eloise

Sneeze and sneeze!


Illustrated by Eloise, Grade 2              



e__   ends   - poems:


- eath    For Boys*:  Heath


Heath’s Teeth

Heath has healthy teeth-

The top ones

And the teeth beneath.

He brushes them both day and night

So Heath’s teeth are sparkling white.


- ell    For Girls*:  Elle, Janelle, Michelle... 


Michelle has shells

and lots of bells.

Sometimes, she sells

Her shells and bells.



- en    For Girls*:  Gwen, Jen...         For Boys*:  Ben, Ken, Glenn ... 


When Ben went to see the dentist with Ken,

She said: “Ben,

Come again

On Wednesday at 10!”




Glenn's Hens

Glenn had ten hens

He put them in a hen pen

But when Ben left the gate open

They all got out again.


 *Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she, etc too!



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