Poems for Children

Personal poems for kids.

A poems- for names beginning with A


For Girls*:     Abby, Adelaide, Alice,  Anita, Ann, Aya ... 

For Boys*:  Aaron, Adrian, Aedan/Aidan, Andrew, Angus, Anthony, Arunava ...

Underlined  names have their own poem in the box at the bottom. 


Alice and Anne ate apples from a can




Adrian went to Adelaide

and ate a bowl of apricots;

he also ate asparagus

- his auntie said he ate a lot!




Aedan ate apricots at 8 a.m. each day.

He also ate an apple

and then went out to play.

Illustrated by Aedan, 7 years                                          C.Parke

A_  endings


- abby     For Girls*:  Abby, Gaby     ..


 Abby kept a yabby

In a tubby little tin

But when Abby opened it,

The yabby grabbed her chin.


 - an     For Girls*:  Jan...        For Boys*:  Dan...


 Dan can

run  fast;

he's often first

and seldom last


 - ana   For Girls*:  Alana, Sharna...  



gave a banana

to the piranha

so it wouldn't eat



- ane    For Girls*:  Jane...         For Boys*:  Kane ...



went in a plane

to Spain,

but it started to rain

and Kane got a pain

-so next time, he's going by train!



- anna   For Girls*:  Anna, Hannah, Alanna...  


Anna's Nanna has very nice manners,

and Anna has them, too:

she always says "Thank you",  "Please",

"Pardon?"  and  "How do you do?"


- ant    For Boys*:  Grant


Grant had a plant;

he kept it in a pot.

He watered it

and watered it

until it grew a lot!


 - anda 

For Girls*:  Amanda, Miranda...  For Boys*:  Alexander...



had a panda

and a

goosey gander.




had a grand panda

and a grander

goosey gander.


Amy, -amie, -ame 

For Girls*:  Amy, Jaimee, Remy, Mame...  For Boys*: Jamie...


Amy came to see a game

but all the players looked the same.

What a shame. 


- ate    For Girls*:  Kate...       

Kate hates to be late;

I think that's a great trait!

- ay    For Girls*:  Kay, Fay, May, Renee...       

              For Boys*:  Jay, Ray, Rene...

Kay may play with Ray today 


*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she, etc too!


A_ poems-  for specific names beginning with A_



Andrew and Anne drew an antelope. 




         Anthony and an alligator

         Ambled up an escalator

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          C .Parke




Arunava has an ant;

He also has an elephant.





Anita and the Cheetahs

Anita and three cheetahs

Raced 100 metres;

The cheetahs tried to cheat her,

But Anita beat the cheetahs.






Went to Myer

To buy a

New hair-dryer.




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