Poems for Children

Personal poems for kids.


Personal Poems

These little, fun poems were  mostly written when I was teaching  pre-school (over 20 years ago). I now specialise in Reading Intervention in a primary  school, and have found that my students still respond very well to them, so I thought I’d share them in case other teachers/parents etc find them useful with their children. There are dozens of poems for scores of names! 

Why poems?

Children learn the rhythms and patterns of language intuitively. When these are exaggerated (e.g. in nursery rhymes) they are appealing to children, especially if they include a humorous/ridiculous theme or image.

Repeating rhythmic, alliterative  and/or rhyming language helps to tune children’s ears into these patterns and sounds, and is a big help in preparing them for reading.

Also, they’re fun!

Why personal?

All children love to feel special. To have a poem with their name in helps with this, especially if it’s in a book at pre-school or school.

My pre-schoolers, loved to recite their poems to the group. Even the shy ones would readily get up and “read” out their poem.

They would also sit and “read” the book of “Our Poems”- their own and each others’ – once again, an excellent pre-reading activity as they learn to follow text from left to right and to recognise some of the words and names.

Why these poems?

Great literature they are not, and maybe they should be called “rhymes” or “verses” rather than “poems”... but “Personal Poems” sounds better to me, and I don’t really understand the difference, I have to admit.

However, I wrote these for the children I worked with, and the children enjoyed them. Many of them were written with and for particular children, so they may sound a little odd to others... feel free to adapt them for your children!

If this site inspires you  to write your own, better poems- great!!

How to find a poem:

 The poems are arranged by initial letter of the child’s name. So if you are looking for a poem for a child whose name starts with B, look on the B page. There will be at least one poem on each page with B__ words as the focus.  These are the “Beginnings” poems, as they focus on the word beginnings, using alliteration.

There may also be “Endings” poems, which focus on words rhyming with the child’s name e.g. Ben,  Ken.  If your child’s name has a “common” ending, check the “ending” page. You may also look on the page with a common name that has the same ending as your child’s e.g. if your child’s name was Bren, you could look at the Endings section on the B page (Ben) or K page (Ken).

Note that these poems only use names I have come across, so they may be common in Australia. There will of course be thousands of names I haven’t listed. Use your imagination to apply the poems to different names, or if you are stuck, write a note in my Guestbook and I’ll try to help you out if I can.

How to use the poems:

You can just highlight and copy the text you want, then paste it onto a Word document. Then adjust the font, alter the text/names as you wish, and it’s ready to print off for the child to illustrate. (Alternatively, of course, you can just hand-write the poems onto paper or into a book).

If you are a teacher, child carer, cub leader etc, you may like to slip the pages into a display book or punch holes in them and put them in a ringbinder-type folder. Do a copy for the children to take  home, too.

If you find these poems useful or have any comments/queries/requests, please write in my Guestbook.


Permissions, notes

You are welcome to use these poems for any non-commercial personal or educational use, but they may not be included as part of collections without accreditation.

If you reproduce any on digital media or on other sites, please include a link to this site: you can copy and paste www.poems-for-children.webs.com  

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