Poems for Children

Personal poems for kids.

B poems- for names beginning with B


For Girls*:     Barbara, Bella, Betty, Bree/Brie, Branna, Bridie, Britt, Britney, Brittany, Bronwyn, Brooke ... 

For Boys*:  Bailey, Baye, Bayley, Beau, Ben, Benjamin, Bill, Billy, Blake, Bo, Brad, Bradley, Brock, Brandon, Brayden, Brett, Brodie,  Bruce, Bryce...

Note- underlined names have their own specific poems in the box lower down.



Brenda had a brand new broom

and Brenda's broom was brown.

She swept up all the branches

that the breeze had blown down.




B___   names-  endings

There are poems with rhyming endings for these "B" names:

For Girls*:     Belinda



Belinda loves kinder

she likes to dance and sing.

She also loves to paint and paste-

and almost everything! 





took a look

at the chook cook book 


For Boys*:  Ben 


When Ben went to see the dentist with Ken,

he said: "Ben, come again

on Wednesday at ten". 




Don't let Brett's pet get wet just yet,

or I bet he'll end up at the vet! 



*Remember if you change the name in a poem from a girl's to a boy's or vice versa, you will need to change any words like her, she, etc too!

C poems- for names beginning with C (K sound)

For Girls*:     Carla, Carly, Carmelita, Catherine, Christine, Christie, Clare, Courtney ... 

For Boys*:  Callum, Carl, Chris, Christopher, Corey ...

These poems can also be used for K_ names. For "soft C" names such as Celia, Cyril, use "S poems".


Carl can carry Cathy's cow

-I don't know how!


Christopher caught a cold.

It wasn't very old;

He coughed on Carl and Callum,

and they caught Christopher's cold.



 Clever Clare

Clever Clare

can climb a cliff,

and keep her clothes quite clean.

She keeps so clean

you'd never guess

where clever Clare has been. 



Cooper caught a cold

When he kissed a kangaroo.

“Oh, crumbs!” said Cooper,

“Whatever can I do?

I can’t cope with a cold

And a croaky throat,

So I’ll cure the cold

With a can of coke”.


Illustrated  by Cooper, 6 years .                                                                                                



Corey wasn't cautious

so of course he caught a chill;

he called Doctor Corncob

who prescribed a colic pill.


C poems- for specific names beginning with C



Christie’s sister’s little finger

 had a big bad blister

Christie fixed it with a plaster

and her sister

kissed her.




Carmelita and the Cheetahs

Carmelita and three cheetahs

Raced 100 metres;

The cheetahs tried to cheat her,

But Carmelita beat the cheetahs.





Chris kissed a Swiss miss,

And he said “This

Is really bliss!”



Ch poems- for names beginning with Ch sound

For Girls*:     Cherry... 

For Boys*:   Chad, Charles, Chet, Chuck... 

Note- underlined names have their own specific poems in the box lower down.

For names where the Ch says  a “Sh” sound, such as Cheryl, Cherie ..., see the Sh poems page also.




Charlie chomps on chips and chops

And chews on cheese

And chocolate drops.



Ch poems-  for specific names beginning with Ch sound




Chad’s always glad

To see his Dad

Because Chad’s hardly ever bad

So Chad’s Dad is never mad!


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